Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Year of Adventure

Last year ended up being my year of change, with one thing and another but that's left me with 2012 being my year of adventure.  I intend taking every opportunity that I can to experience everything I want to.  I started off with a little prelude and spent Christmas skiing in France.  Yes I flew off on my own.  I can highly recommend it, as I had a fabulous time and met some wonderful new friends.  I saw the New Year in Leeds with new friends and spent last weekend with friends I met last year, walking in Derbyshire.
So all invitations for adventures are welcome, so far I have planned:
a days bootcamp
a day with birds of prey
another weeks skiing
dancing weekends
off to watch the ballet
booked tickets to go to the theatre on my own
my sister's getting married
lots of crafting

So on that note here's some cards that I made tonight:

I've had a great night with Edna May my eCraft machine.  The files are from the lovely and wonderfully talented Mary & Leo at .  They make die cutting and projects toooooooooo easy.  Thank you guys xxx.

I'd promise to update my blog more but adventures take up a lot of time!


~ Ali ~ said...

Well "My Lovely Claire" you have been a busy wee bee :O) First of all loving these cards and i cannot wait to buy Emily and get crafting with her (Note I'm being positive..."when not if :O) )

There is an open invitation to come to Scotland and visit me and Bert :O) we could craft....squeal! if you can fit us in that is!

you need to go see what I put you in my sidebar as....And I mean it ya make me feel all happy and chirpy since that first time we met last year :O)

This is definitely your year....ENJOY!!!


Ali x

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire, lovely to see you. I love your outlook on life so much; your cup is always half full not half empty, as they say. Your planned adventures sound wonderful! So much to look forward to this year!

Gorgeous cards today; I just love what these machines can do. When I get one (wish!) I shall call her Edie, lol!

PatR said...

Enjoy all your adventures Claire. You go girl!x

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