Sunday, 18 November 2007

Giggling is good for you

We had a great day at our crop yesterday. As you can see there was a fair smattering of pink. Both the birthday girls had a fab time and as well as the chocolate biscuits we normally have we had fairy cakes and a large tin of roses.
We giggled all day, even to the point where we couldn't stop and didn't even know what we were laughing about!
Val, I hope you sorted your mouse out. Sue, have you sorted your stash out yet? Gwyneth, I hope your migraine has gone.

Here's the girls (Ali, Gwyneth, Val, Kae and Shirley) enjoying the choccies.

Sue and Siobhan mid-giggle

Somehow I didn't get my photo taken, a shame really as I was sporting a lovely pair of pink fairy wings. I'm already looking forward to seeing you all again in December for our Christmas party.

As I was less than productive yesterday I thought I'd share a couple of cards I made last week.


Shirley said...

The cards are lovely as usual!

lyzzydee said...

Well what can I say ??? You have taken to this blogging like a duck to Orange sauce!!!

Kae said...

Ahaaa - but you did get your pic taken :D I'll e-mail you the 'sandwich' one; that's got the fairy wings lol.


Shirley said...

Well, I never knew I was able to balance clocks on my head like that! While reaching for chocolate too!!

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