Friday, 16 November 2007

A little bit of Christmas

I had some Christmas cards to finish off today and I couldn't resist a little bit of stamping. These were all made with a stamp from Penny Black, I love the way her look changes depending on the colours used. She's a bit shimmery in real life and on a few of the cards there's a little extra bling too.

So these lovely ladies are on their way to Clapham with a few other cards (75 in total!) to a wonderful lady called Angelina. Hopefully her and her customers will like them.

Today's bit of randomness is to do with cornflakes, of the crunchy nut variety. After I'd poured my milk over my cereal this morning, I got busy doing something else, so by the time I ate them they were a tad on the soggy side. I'd have put them in the bin but it was the end of the packet. So soggy cornflakes it was and I've discovered, I quite like soggy cornflakes.


Sue said...

Love the cards

Shirley said...

I'm glad she's got the mistletoe in her hand and not hanging from her skirt!!!

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