Thursday, 6 March 2008

Birthday Girl

Yes today was my birthday and what a fab day it was. It started off with me staying at my lovely friend Debbies. We went out to the Slug and Lettuce for dinner - the camenbert we shared was delicious. As any good friend would, she made me stay up until after midnight so I could open my birthday card and present. I love my FCUK perfume and mirror.

So it was off to the office and as I'd only started there in January I wasn't sure whehter they it was my birthday or not. So no one said anything, so I thought, I guess not. How wrong can a girl be! We all got together for a meeting, in which I was greeted with a chorus of Happy Birthday, pastries and mini muffins for breakfast together with a beautiful card and a gorgeous handbag. Thank you everyone - you made me fee very special.

I came home to a selection of lovely cards (a couple with pennies in), and the most beautiful clipboard and charm from my darling friend Dougie - yes you made me cry (again!!). Here it is with all the hand crafted cards I received.

From Dougie - this design will be reused :)

From my sister - thank you, I love my card.

This beautiful card is from the lovely Lemon.

A big thank you to Allie T and her Mum for this lovely card. Allie you're a star and a much better friend than I deserve.

And last but by no means least is this beauty from Kathryn - I love it.

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