Sunday, 9 March 2008

Spring Swing Extravaganza

I've been away to Reading, to an amazing swing dancing weekend. As always the All Jazzed Up team put on a great event bringing over 2 brilliant teachers from the U.S. Bill Borgida and Julie Mertz. With so much great stuff to learn and absorb my little brain could only take so much and I had to sneak to odd nap!

Here's me with two of my favourite people, Jean and Swirls. Thank you for letting me come and play and especially for letting me be a dinner lady - another lifelong ambition acheived.

Shirley you're as mad as I am! Thank you for letting me stay with you and your gorgeous boys.

The utterly beautiful boys - Edward (Eddie) and Stanley

Dinner at the Harper household, one of the warmest most generous places in the world, a place that always stays in your heart.

Swirls, Big Pete, Pam and Linda (sorry Mrs Howland!), I'm not sure where Al (Mr Howland) is.

Julie, Tanya, Bill and Miss Jean

Richard (Ma Lord) and the real Jackie.

Sue and Brian ... Slussen!!

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