Friday, 12 February 2010

In the pink

As well as getting back to blogging I thought I'd try and take part in a card challenge every now and again. 
The difficulty is which one as there's lots to choose from.  This week I decided to take part in the Moxie Fab World - Tuesday Trigger  I just loved all the pink and loveliness of it all.  The flash of black velvet ribbon on the card comes from the black of the cabinet in the trigger. 

The paper is SEI Lovebirds collection.  The stamps were borrowed from my lovely friend Anna.  As for the flowers, if you look very closely at the white flower you can see it's glittery.  So how do you make glittery flowers without warping the paper?  Just a quick blast of Spray and Sparkle Silver - glitter in a spray can.

I wonder what I'll be glittering next!  I'd give the car a coat but that would be an awful lot of cans!


lyzzydee said...

for ages I had your blog in my faves, kept coming back only to fine you and jen swing through the trees, I finally gave up and took you off so you start blogging again is it me???

cats whiskers said...

Ohhhhhh!!!!! I am so happy to see you here sweetie, and what a truly beautiful card thisis as a comeback just adore the soft colours and you are right that touch of black is just perfect. Thanks for the lovely time dear. Now get yourself a followers link so I can see when you post. have a lovely Valentines Day
Hugs Jac xxx

Cath said...

Hey Ginger! What a sweet approach to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! Thanks so much for playing along! :)

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