Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fabulous 40

Wooo hooo - today is my 40th Birthday and rather than worry about how old I am I'm embracing my birthday and planning to party all week.

The celebrations have already started and I've had some fabulous cards and gifts.  Well you know it's going to be a gorgeous gift when it's in a very recognisable bright yellow Selfridges bag and wrapped in Selfridges tissue paper.

A bottle of Vintage (2000) Dom Perignon Champagne.  Wowzers - I love champagne.  Thanks Stevie you know me too well.  I love my Molton Brown and my choccies too.  Not too sure about the pasta drier!

Gwyneth - you've completely spoilt me - thank you.  I love my card and my gifts are gorgeous.

Joanna-Piana, thank you for my hula hoop and can't wait to see you in the morning.

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iReneM said...

Happy birthday, Claire, and congrats on your 40th.
I do vaguely remember enjoying being 40 myself - more than a few years ago, hahaha
Great gifts and I'm sure you're enjoying the Dom Peri fizz :-)

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