Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lots of Thank Yous

I have lots of thank yous to say to my Swedish hosts - I apologise for any spelling mistakes in your names:
Birgitta and Bentt - thank you for you amazing hospitality.  Your home is beautiful:
I got to stay in the big house with Marie and Ülle's Mum & Dad.  This is the view from the front of the house:
Thank you to Marie and Ülle for inviting me over to teach.  It was lovely to see you again and great to see your offices and warehouse.  Thank you so much for my presents, I love them.  It was great to meet both your beautiful families.
Thank you to Terese and Lotta for making me so welcome and a big thank you to everyone who took my class and for speaking to me in English - it really is appreciated.
Åse - thank you for being my taxi driver and letting me be your shadow, you're a star.
So I leave Sweden having had a great time and hope that they'll invite me back xx

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