Sunday 22 July 2012

Adventures with shaving foam

I know this is my second blog post of the day but I couldn't wait to share the fun Anna & I have had today, learning the marbling paper technique using shaving foam!  Thank you to Nichole for a great project.  Not only did we have a go at the technique we decided to make our own video about our adventures.  You can see how we got on and have a good giggle with us!!

We loved the technique so much we went on to try it with different colours and different ways of swirling the inks.  I've used some of my favourite bits to make this card.  The rose shape is cut out of part of the paper, I just love the complete not knowing what you're going to get aspect of this technique.

I've also managed to complete the limited supplies challenge, inspired by Maile Belles.  Unfortunately I don't seem to own any bitty dot ribbon, in any colour!!  I think that may need to change on my next order!

I've also finished the friendship challenge, which involved making paper beads - I love that die, and then making them into a bracelet.  Luckily I found some beading supplies knocking around the office before I left on Friday!

Right back to see what other classes I need to do earn my PTI camp badges.

Love ya
Ginger & Anna


Sue Jones said...

oo that looks such fun! VERY messy though :)

Ashley Cannon Newell said...

WOW! I love how you used the tie-dye technique as a flower! What a GREAT idea, Ginger. I think it turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'm about to watch your video now! :)

Gabby said...

TFS your video! It was fun to watch and it looks like you had fun trying the technique. Lovely end result. :)

BeverlyBL said...

What a cute video. Thought your paper turned out great and you didn't even make a mess. (Trust me, I've seen a MESS!) Good job!

joy said...

Darling video!!! I did not do the tie dye challenge, but your video made me want to try it!!! Your card is so pretty!

Bonnie said...

What a fun video, thanks for sharing it! It looks like you had loads of fun trying that technique! I didn't have any shaving cream, so I wasn't able to, but it's on my shopping list now! ;)

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