Saturday, 31 May 2008

Go Ape!!

Yay - Jaffers is visiting from Scotlander which means a time for madness and a little danger. So a day out at Go Ape! at Delamere was planned, for me Jaffers and my sister (Jo). We had a blast although it was a bit scarier than I thought it would be. Not so much the height but the fact that you had to keep attaching yourself to the wires (long loves the tree!). So if you got it wrong it could have been game over!!

Jaffs all strapped up and ready to go:

And still they mess about!

Don't look down!!

I thought the zip lines would have been the worst bit but they were the best - waaaaahooooooo!!

But that wasn't all we did. When we'd finished - it took a couple of hours it was off to a local pub for a quick snack. Then we headed into Chester to show Jen the tourist highlights.

The suspender bridge - that's what we've always called it!!

Of the course the clock

But it was so hot we had to go shopping. We all went into New Look in different outfits to the ones we came out in!! We did pay for them. Then I danced in the bubbles in my new frock.

That evening we had a BBQ at Jo's, with a little help from Barney (Rubble)

So all in all a fun packed compeltely bonkers day. I loved it all, thank you girlies xxx


lyzzydee said...

My kids have done this and they love it, me, I am far too tallented to do it!!!!!!!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Hey, you Ginger luv!

I love your blog and gave you the "I love your blog" award here:

lyzzydee said...

This blog is being neglected, its not like you have anything else to do!!

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