Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pie and pretties

Another weekend of pure bliss. Yes I've been off to visit my wonderful friend Anna. Gone are the days when we used to spend the whole weekend crafting. These days we seem to spend as much time eating out - it's a hard life!

For lunch on Saturday we went to the local pub who do the most amazing 2-in-1 pie. Half with the filling of your choice (chicken with leek and tarragon in our case) and half with cauliflower cheese. The pastry is melt in the mouth and their Pimms and lemonade isn't too bad either.

So here's the pie before we demolished it.

A pretty flower in the beer garden

Anna enjoying the sunshine

And me - not sure what my hair is doing behind my ear.

We also managed to fit in a small shopping trip in the village and went out to an engagement party at one of Anna's neighbours and had a fab time.

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