Sunday, 25 July 2010


I've had one of the longest days ever but it's been a great adventure. I caught the 6am flight from Manchester to Amsterdam where I met up with Simon, Sara and Leann. From there it was on to Chicago O'Hare International Airport. At the airport we met up with Gary our US sales manager and Shane who used to work for DCWV. We also met Hege from Norway. We have a meeting planned with her for later in the week but as we'd run into her at the airport she joined our merry little band. With the time difference it meant we we're all checked into the hotel by mid-afternoon and hit down-town Chicago. It's a great city to explore and the old mixed with the new and the city rising from the beach and the lakeside give so much to look at.

Waiting for the flight to Chicago, at Schipol airport, Amsterdam.

Hege taking in her first view of Chicago and the US.

The old mixed with the new.

How tall?

The beach within 2 minutes of the city centre

The view of the city from Navy Pier – I love the way the city just rises from the lakeside.

Navy Pier

Of course I have to share my food with you. What a fabulous salad. I could live on salad if it was always and adventure on a plate!

Sorry if I've rambled on today but it was a long day, I daren't even count the hours. But does it really matter when you're enjoying self? Not in my crazy little world. So it's off to the convention centre tomorrow, I'll show you what set-up day at CHA looks like.

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