Monday, 26 July 2010

Set Up Day

Today was set up day for the wholesale show. I love walking into the conference centre on set up day as the front desk is all set up yet in the hall there are crates and pallets everywhere and the main carpet isn't yet laid. If you looked around you'd never believe the show was opening tomorrow.

We had a bit of a panic as only one of our pallets had been delivered to our booth and although we had everything to set up the booth we were missing all the card and paper for our class scheduled later in the afternoon. Luckily it turned up just as we were about to start re-prepping the class. So after that the class was a breeze and we had a great group of crafters join us to make two fabulous projects.

Sara and I with two of our students from the class.  Chantal and Lucie from Quebec, Canada.

To finish off the day we went to dinner with the gorgeous girls from Reprint our Swedish distributors. Unfortunately Ulle didn't make this trip as she was sick but it was great to see Marie, Ase and Therese again. The food at Gibson's was pretty fabulous too and it was steaks all round and not one ounce left on any one's plate.

So we all headed off to bed straight after dinner as we have to be ready for show tomorrow.

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