Saturday, 8 September 2012


Oh my what a fantastic day. I had a great demo day then rushed down to meet Anna so we could go to Carfest. She really is the best friend a girl could have and knows me so very well. We're both avid fans of Chris Evans and his breakfast show on BBC radio2 each weekday morning and when we found out he was organising a festival we knew we wanted to go. One slight problem, tickets were like hens teeth. But Anna to the rescue via the florist in Nailsworth and at the last minute 2 day tickets were obtained.

So we arrived rather late in the day but that didn't stop us having the most fabulous time and being rather excited. We got to see the cars, including the magnificent seven and even chitty chitty bang bang


The great setting of Cholmondeley Castel (pronounced Chumley)

Even the food was good

The atmosphere was electric but family friendly too, with lots of little people being there. We got to see The Proclaimers, Paloma Faith (swoon - she is amazing) and Texas, all hosted by Mr Evans himself.

The Proclaimers - 2 guys with guitars that know how to start a party.

The beautiful, kooky, hilarious, super talented Paloma Faith

He even got the local constabulary dancing to YMCA!

I'd forgotten what a great voice Charlene has, I'm off to search spottily for some Texas.

We ended up pretty much at the front, not bad as we were last to arrive. I don't think I stopped, singing, screaming, dancing and jumping up and down for hours. Well it was only when it was time for the. Fireworks before we left that I calmed a little, but not much as they were great fireworks.

Thank you Anna for making this night happen and thank you to Mr Chris Evans for giving up bread for Lent and because of it, making Carfest happens and raising lots of money for Children in Need.

The only regret I have is I had to cancel on another of my bested friends to go to Carfest, sorry Gwyneth. I will make it up to you.

Love ya




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