Saturday, 15 September 2012

Rolf Harris and the Circus

You've got to love any day that starts with you knowing you're off to meet Rolf Harris and then later you're going to the circus. For those of you that pop over to read by blog ramblings regularly you will not be surprised that this is a weekend with my lovely friend Anna.

So after a great breakfast (yes I'm still obsessed by food) we went into Cheltenham to the Whitehall Gallery for the VIP meeting with Rolf. Yes it meant we went in first and Anna got to buy some original line drawings and get them signed too. He's genuinely funny and was lovely to everyone. Here he is with Anna.

Then we came back to Anna's to relax and have some dinner. A new recipe for me out of the one pot cookbook from Slimming World, creamy mushroom pasta - delicious.

Then it was off to Giffords Circus at Cirencester. If I'm honest I had no idea what to expect, but whatever I did expect it wasn't the amazing magical experience I had tonight. Just driving up to the field made my heart skip a beat. The tent was beautifully lit and all the caravans and trailers were the old fashioned ones all painted the same. It was adorable. The tent wasn't huge and I loved that and we managed to squeeze onto the from row. From the moment we took our seats I was either laughing, clapping or just aghast at the whole spectacle.

How cute were the band?

At first we thought the white suit people were just going to dance but no this is the circus after all! The chap danced up and down those stairs on his hands - totally amazed.

During the interval Anna grabbed a cup of tea and we also got a peek at where they serve dinner after the show. Next time the circus is in town we so want to do this.

Then there was the kooky bird girl, she was so expressive.

Last but by no means last we're the acrobats that had us enthralled and catching our every breath.

Anna and I even got involved at the end when we got up to dance in the finale. Thank you tap dancing lady for coming to get us. Gifford Circus is really something special and magical, so if ever you get the chance to go, jump at it.

Thank you for another fabulous day Anna, you book the best adventures. Now it's time to play with some paper and glue.

Love ya




GlitteryKatie said...

Fabulous!! I love Rolf...he looks so friendly and Rolf like!!

julie_woolston said...

What an experience sounds like a good time had by all.

Hugs Julie x

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