Friday, 22 October 2010

Off to Thorseby Hall

Today Gwyneth and I are off to Thorseby Hall in Nottinghamshire.  We were due to be on a scrapbooking weekend but as that was cancelled we decided to treat and pamper ourselves instead.  Thorseby Hall is definitely a place for feeling special.  We stayed in an historic room in the older part of the building and it was huge and totally fabulous.  We loved the Nespresso coffee machine that we had in the room.

Here's the Great Hall, it's massive and breath taking.

Thorseby Hall - yes this is really where we were staying.

We ate in the Italian restaurant this evening and the food was delicious and our server was a real sweetie - thanks Chloe.
After dinner we went to watch the entertainment but left after the quiz.  So time for a lite bit of cardmaking before bedtime.  I'd taken supplies with me to make batches of cards and here's my cute little car production line.

Well if my weekend continues the way it's started then I'm going to be one very happy bunny.  I hope you have a great weekend too.

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