Sunday, 24 October 2010

Splendid Spa

We spent the day in the spa today, with a mud treatment and then sauna, aromatherapy cave, ice cane, Hannam sauna and plenty of relaxing.  We then had our manicures.   I'd had a mini pedicure yesterday, so I had my fingernails painted to match my toes.  I remembered the name as it was magical merlot!

The only thing needed to finish off our weekend was a cream tea and look how fabulous it was.

They do little vignettes around the hotel and the girls who did them were really good and stayed in character wherever they were.

There are peacocks in the grounds.

So we then had to wave goodbye to Thorseby Hall.  We've had a wonderful weekend and think we'll plan another trip back there at some point.

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Linby said...

Oooh wow- it looks fab. I only live 20 mins from this too!

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