Monday, 28 January 2008

Charleston Chutzpah

What a fabulous weekend I've had. I've been down to visit my friends at All Jazzed Up down in Reading. Thank you to the marvellous Shirley for letting me stay and keeping me fed and watered and to Jean and everyone else, especially Dan And Jessica (our teachers) for a great weekend of Charleston and a little bit of balboa too.

We headed down to Henley Town Hall on Saturday morning to set up and then had classes in 1920's Charleston for the day. It's hard work on the legs but terrific fun. We even managed to learn a whole routine. As the local press were coming to take a photo at lunchtime some of us got dressed up in our evening outfits, which was great as it's really difficult to get decent photos at an evening dance, with the lack of light and everyone moving about. Thanks to Mel for taking charge of my camera, so I could join in the group shot.

As Dave had made such an effort he was most popular for photos and won a prize at night .

Dan looking dapper in his day wear (he was even smarter for the evening), with the ever elegant Miss Jean and dashing Dave.

Pam beautiful in blue - I love that dress.

And of course the stylish and sophisticated Shirls with Dave.

Here's the room at night all dressed up for a Simply Spiffin' Do. Not a great photo but it looked so effective on the night. There were free cocktails served by our great bar tenders, Nick and Amy. The DJ's were amazing too with almost too much great music, thanks to Dan, Brian and Mel.

And roulette too, just for fun. Well done to Tanya for having the highest score and not letting me or Dan win!!

I've included some photos of what we get up to in class, not a lot to see but as my friends often ask me to explain what goes on on my dancing weekends I thought I'd share.

Sunday was equally wonderful with a little balboa and a lot to practise and remember followed by dinner at Jeans. Thank you to Richard as ever for his wonderful cooking and to my pal Jo for letting me help (or hinder) with the veggies!

Not long until the next All Jazzed Up event - roll on March and Bill Borgida and Julie Mertz.

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Jen said...

It all looks such fun! I once took part in an ice skating show, where I had to wear a flapper costume and "Charleston" across the ice. Er, not easy! LOL

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