Sunday, 6 January 2008

Swing Dancing in Sweden

A bit of a belated post, but better late than never. I spent a week over New Year in Stockholm in Sweden, attending the Snowball. It's a swing dance event organised by Kenneth, Helena and our wonderful friends Hasse and Marie (love you both). There was a dance every night and we got to attend four days of Lindy Hop and Balboa classes, which were amazing and gave us all lots to take away and think about. I'm trying to dance with my potatoes Marie!!

Jean, Brian and I also took David Rehms class learning the Dean Collins Shim Sham. It was great fun although I'm not sure my brain can hold that much information. David is a great teacher. All of the teachers were fab, Nick and Sylvia, David and Marie, Johanna and Henricke, Skye (that boy floats when he dances) and Frieda (amazing style).

My leg held out pretty well and I did all my balboa classes and any lindy classes that got a bit much, I watched.

It was lovely meeting up with old friends and making new ones at a truly international event. There were dancers from all over the world, UK, Sweden, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, US, Norway, Finland and many more.

Here's some photos, apologies for the yellow light in the studio photos it was the best I could manage. These first photos were taken during a Charleston variation class. The chap is Michael from Sweden, he's a great lead.

Pam and Shirley, all wrapped up wandering towards the old town.

And here they are, a couple of brolly ladies!!

It's so hard to get a good photo at the evening dances, it's dark and people are dancing, so moving quite fast. I just wanted to include this one to show you the beautiful hall we had the New Year's Dance in and the amount of people that were there.

All the crew (well nearly, Marie had to stay at the dance), so from bottom left, Shirley, Richard, Jean, Nick, Hasse, Ewan, Tanya, Big Pete, Brian, Sue and Pam.
I love this picture of Jean dancing balboa with her son Nick. Keep dancing Nick, you're a great lead.

The girlie's and Nick all dressed up on New Years Eve.

So as you can see I had a marvellous holiday. Thank you to Shirley for being a great roomie, Pam for living on the 2nd floor which just confused Shirley, Brian and Sue, it was great getting to know you both and I look forward to seeing you soon. The Harper clan for their hospitality in Reading and always being on great form, Pete and Tanya for decorating their room for our mini New Years Eve buffet. Jan, Mike and Jane it was great to see you all. Everybody that danced with me - thank you xxx


lyzzydee said...

I was hoping for some action shots of you!! looks like you hae a great time

Heather said...

Sounds like the best time, sooooo jealous!!
Pics are fab :D

Anonymous said...

It's fate! A girl at work told me about jive classes near my home, and she wants to go if I go. And I've always wanted to go to Sweden - will there be another trip this year? Cos I'd LOVE to do something like this!!

Jen said...

OOPs I meant to sign in for that "anonymous" post. It's me!!!

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