Saturday, 12 January 2008

A little slice of heaven

That's what a weekend at Anna's is to me, I just love it here. Today it's even more stunning than usual as there's still a covering of crunchy sparkly snow.

There are some more photos to go up but I can't get them to show the right way, so I'll do it when I'm on laptop - driving this MAC can be a bit scarey!!

To welcome me there were the brightest yellow tulips in my room, what a view to wake up to, beautiful flowers and a great vista.

We've even braved to cold and ventured outside for a quick photo shoot and as always there was of course messing about, mainly with Anna trying to get up and down the bank!!

Right, off to make some cards - pure bliss.


Anonymous said...

Hello ma sister!! Looks absolutely lovely at Anna's, can't believe it was snowing! It's been just cold here, oh and wet today! Ginny is settled in, had fab time making cocktails last nite with Em. Love ya xxx

lyzzydee said...

Come on MGC why aren't you updating your blog ????

Cath said...

Looks gorgeous!

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