Friday, 5 November 2010

CSN Stores

You may have seen me mention CSN Stores before and today they've asked me to do a review for them.  Knowing how fabulous their stores and their products are, I'm really excited and looking forward to this.  CSN Stores has amazing online stores where you can find everything from great cookware and bakeware to beautiful bedroom furniture to chic lighting.
Pop back soon to see what I've been reviewing and what I think of it.  It would be great to know what you'd like to review if given the chance.

I'm off for another day at the NEC in a little while, so I'll update you on todays adventures, if there are any later on.


Sunshine Girl said...

How fab to be asked to review such a great shop! I am working at the NEC today and tomorrow on the Crafty Devils stand - if you go again please pop by and say hello would be great to see you and have a quick catch up. Nicki.

debbi taylor said...

Chocolate would be great to review! but just from the taste perspective... or anything crafty to have a play with and make a comparison! x hope you enjoyed the NEC!

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