Sunday, 7 November 2010

NEC round up

We've had a great time at the NEC.  Lots of people say it must be tiring but I love meeting other crafter's so much that it's a joy to be there.  I got to see some of my friends, Lucy, KT & Erin (I like you too), Kathryn, Wendy and their Mum, Fiona and Roz.  I also got to meet up with Sarah and go out for dinner with her on the Saturday night, thank you sweetie, it was lovely to see you and thanks to your hubby for driving.

Kam & Simon - the extra help we needed for the weekend

 Dan & Louisa over at Practical Publishing using an excellent trimmer

 Ross with his new friend!

Sara doing her stint over at the Create & Craft stand with Martin

Some of our lovely forum members, nice to see you ladies and I'm so excited about Craftaganza!

Now the washing machine has finished its cycle, I can go to bed, as I have a very exciting couple of days coming up!

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