Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Amazing Curry

Another night, another house! So as always I'm updating my blog the day after. On Tuesday night I stayed over at my friend Kamala's house. I've only know her since January but she is a wee treasure and makes the most amazing curry, well amazing everything. It's all made from scratch, the kidney bean curry, the semolina side dish (a bit like cous cous), the chapatis and the yoghurt. As it was a last minute decision for me to stay this was their normal curry not a gentler version for me. I thought I would have to overload on the yoghurt but the curry was so flavourful rather than hot, I didn't have too much yoghurt and loved every mouthful.

Sorry it's not a great photo but I didn't have my camera with me but refused to miss an opportunity, so used the one on my phone.

Thank you for letting me stay Kam, I'll definitely be back. My lunch was great too.
And as I seem to be bed hopping this week, I thought I'd count the number of different places I'll stay this year. So far I'm up to 9 - not bad seeing as it's only February!

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