Saturday, 16 February 2008

Happy Birthday Lyzzy

Today is the birthday of my lovely friend Lyzzy. I hope you are having a fabulous day - visit her here - to see what she's been up to on her special day. The rest of your present will be in the post soon(ish!). As Lyzzy is a Slimming World girl like myself (don't read my blog for earlier in the week as I've been a bad girl!) I decided to send her a chocolate themed card - looks good and is syn free.

Sorry the photo isn't great but the light here at the minute is pretty poor.


Heather said...

You need to go to the pad re the birthday LOL! Love the card and those envelopes below are soooooo cool! Hope your enjoying stitches as I type xx

lyzzydee said...

Thank you for my beautiful card and presents, I am thrilled with them, don't worry about the date, I feel speshal having two birthdays!!!
Love Ya

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