Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fat Buddha

No, I'm not being rude. It's the name of a eastern restaurant in Durham. I went to see my lovely friend Debbie and her gorgeous boys, but we left her hubby in charge of the boys and sneaked out for dinner and it was totally delicious. It's a beautifully decorated restaurant. I'll try and get some pictures of the catwalk and beaded lampshades next time I go (next Friday!). In the meantime here's a few Buddha's

Here's what we had to eat:

Fat Buddha Deluxe Platter
Filo King Prawn, Vegetable Spring Roll,
Duck Samosa & Satay Chicken

Second Course
Thai Tom Yam Prawn Soup

Main Course
Monkfish Fillet coat w/Tang Yang Sauce
Mango Duckling
Egg fried rice

Me - Lemon and lime cheesecake
Debbie - some kind of banana dessert - I couldn't look, I don't like bananas! But she tells me it was very nice.

Thank you for letting me stay - your sofa is very comfy.

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Debbie said...

you know youre welcome anytime and little mr doubtfire said 'can you stay again' so i guess its an open invitation now :D

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