Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bathing, baking and a BBQ

Yeah - the sun is shining which meant the morning down by the pool.  Reading my book (I love meaningless chic lit), listening to my i-pod and lying down by the pool was totally relaxing.  After lunch it was time for some baking as we were off out later in the evening and were taking dessert with us.  So we cobbled together a fruit tart, chocolate brownies and a special bread and butter pudding, with cherries.
Gwyneth found our way to Il Pino and to Pete and Jen's for a fabulous evening around the BBQ.  We had an array of kebabs and salads and a great gnocchi recipe, before we displayed our puds.  We didn't take much home so they must have been good.
Apparently I amused Sonya with my stepping on the spot.  I aim to do 6,000 steps a day and had a few to catch up on.  Most people who know me just take this on board these days.  A fabulous evening in great company.

Our tart - it looked even better once it was cooked.  Do you like my crimping?

David manning the BBQ.

The girls under the great pergola at Jen's

The view from Il Pino

No time for crafting today but I'm definitely not complaining as it was a fabulous day.


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