Thursday, 6 December 2007

Altered Christmas and so much more

I have a few things to post about today, partly because I didn't find time to come and post yesterday! Here's my felt Father Christmas. I got him in a kit from Jean but rather than add the metal case that came in the kit I've used a photo instead - it made me giggle.

I've also been doing some Christmas cards for a friend of mine. She wants them to give to her friends that she goes cycling with, hence the bike.

And I've received two more gorgeous gifts in the advent swap.
Yesterday was sugar overload (yum) - two very large flumps, pink smarties and what girl can live without her plastic rain hood!!

And today a gift that made me get more than a little misty - OK - I blubbed a little. It's a delicious little handmade book all about me, Shirl, Jaffers and Lyzzy and when we met at Debden. Thank you so much Shirl, I love it and you lots xxx

Happy new home to my sister who has now got the keys to her new house. I hope the move goes well and you'll be very happy in your new home xxx

And I'm off to Durham now for a meeting and hopefully also to catch up with some of my friends up there and pizza.

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