Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Well it's here, Christmas Eve. I've had to slow down a bit over the last day or so, due to hurting my calf muscle, that will teach me to go to a party and stay sober! In truth I'm gutted as I'm going dancing in Sweden from the 27th, so I'm being good and resting it and have some gel for it. But I'm not good at sitting still, it's just not in my nature, hey ho!!

I still managed a day out yesterday. My sister and I went to Sandbach to pick up our special Christmas dinner. This year we're have a five bird roast, so a bird, within a bird etc. So we'll have guinea fowl, pheasant, duck, chicken and turkey. The butcher was brilliant, we got sausage rolls and mince pies while we waited in the queue and then he made sure we knew how to cook our feast. I can see us going back before next Christmas. Here's birdie in all his glory.

It's nearly the end of my advent swap but I'm enjoying my last couple of gifts from Lyzzy. I got a giant chocolate coin and some post it notes in the shape of my initial - they're sticky!!

Today I received a lovely manicure set and the most gorgeous K&Co book of tags - they are all gorgeous. Thanks Lyzzy xx


gwyneth said...

Happy Christmas Claire. Keep your leg up and have a ball over Christmas

lyzzydee said...

I am glad you are enjoying your pressies, Can't wait til you open tomorrows!!!
Happy Christmas Gingerpie!!

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