Friday, 7 December 2007

The delights of Durham

I had to go to a meeting in Durham yesterday, which went very well. More news to follow soon. But as is my way I managed to fit in a visit to some lovely friends, Debbie, Jean and Gail. The company was great, even if our meal out was a little dodgy.

As it ending up being late, especially with Debbie and I chatting I ended up crashing on her settee - thank you. Which meant I got to meet her 4 lovely boys this morning. I've made it home now though and as usual still have lots to do.

In my advent swap today I got a mini pamper pack: hot chocolate, little candle, face mask and chocolate dipper for my hot chocolate - delicious. Thanks Shirl xxx

1 comment:

lyzzydee said...

Lucky you getting away and sleeping on Debs sofa!!
It so bloody cold down here and I find that it saps my creativity!!!

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