Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year

Another year is nearly over and lthough there have been a few major changes for me it's all been for the best and I'm really looking forward to 2008.

At the minute I'm sitting in a hotel reception area in Stockholm, Sweden and can see the snow falling outside. I've had some great dance classes and enjoyed the parties at night. Tonights party should be even better.

For anybody that pops by here I wish you well for 2008.

I'll update my blog with more details of my Sweden trip when I get home. Now I have to go and make myself look glamorous - well I can try!!


Jaffers said...

Have a wonderful 2008 sweet lady!! :D

Cath said...

Happy new year Claire xxxxxxxx

GlitteryKatie said...


lyzzydee said...

Have a happy new year us the low down now you are back!!

gwyneth said...

Happy New Year Claire. I hope the leg is better than it looked on boxing day. Hope 2008 has lots of sweet things in store for you. Love Gwyneth

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