Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Gumstool Inn - Part 2

What do you do for dinner when dinner was so good the night before. You go back to the same place of course!! I'm not sure the guys that worked there were ready for another night of Anna and Ginger madness. But they were and were waiting for us and for some unknown reason chose table 69 for us!

So what did we have tonight. Anna had sausage and mash and I had the calves liver with mash and peas - they do great peas there. Then onto dessert. Tonight we did have the Sticky (stiffy!) toffee pudding to share and then the cheese board.

With coffee to finish we asked why there were no chocolates. So off he goes and comes back with these - we were totally spoilt.

All the boys were delightful but a special thank you to Jack for looking after us and understanding our madness.

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