Sunday, 13 April 2008

Train journeys are fun

After our second day at Ally Pally and packing everything up I headed home on the train. I had a lovely journey home and got to meet some really interesting people. As it was the London Marathon today there were two successful marathon runners sitting near me. I felt proud just meeting them - I can't even begin to think how much pain you go through to run a marathon. I hope they're both nursing their aches and pains for only a short time.

I also met a lovely lady who'd gone down to London to watch her son run. She was talking about her interesting family history and how she was a refugee in Germany in the war and how she'd like to record it. Hopefully she'll contact me and I can put her in contact with a scrapbook club near her house.

It's amazing what doing cutting out toppers on a train can start!

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