Monday, 28 April 2008

The Gumstool Inn

I'm out and about visiting some of the Garden & Leisure Centres. As some of them are around Birmingham and Bristol I've been lucky enough to stay with my wonderful friend Anna. What could be better than that? A meal out at the Gumstool Inn at Calcot Inn.

A beautiful setting, totally delicious food and superb service. We skipped starters and went straight for the main courses. Anna had the belly pork and I had the rib of beef. The hardest decision was choosing which extra side dish to have with it - thank goodness our waiter had a sense of humour!

So as we hadn't had starters it was only polite to have dessert. After some difficult decision making and a slight gaff from me - it's not called stiffy tockee pudding is it!!Anna had the bread and butter pudding and I had some of the best crumble I've ever had - well I couldn't order the sticky toffee pudding for giggling and blushing! I was supposed to make a choice between ice cream or clotted cream but I got spoilt and got both.

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