Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I feel like chicken tonight

I had a fabulous time tonight. I met a friend who I haven't seen for far too long - try nearly 2 years, and she only lives a couple of miles away! We used to see a lot of each other, especially at the gym, but I never seemed to find time to go, so cancelled my membership. We've known what each other are doing through Steve, but even so there was lots to catch up on.

I'm so happy that shes doing what she really wants - she's now a fitness instructor. Thanks for a lovely evening Janet, we'll do it again soon - maybe less than 2 years!

And why the chicken reference - we went to Nandos (or as we call it - the chicken place) and the food was great - Janet had the chicken in a pitta and I had a chickpea salad with, let's guess ... chicken!!

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