Sunday, 6 April 2008

Ribbons and other reasons to laugh

During the weekend Anna decided to tidy her ribbons. A straightforward job you might think? Not with Anna! After several attempts and change of direction she made her own ribbon holders and they're all beautifully co-ordinated. Well worth it. So we had to have some photos!

The ribbons

How to get the perfect ribbon shot

How wonderful are those matching ribbon holder thingies she made

Just messing about or is that her real hair

For dinner Anna made yummy pasta but it tasted even better as she made it in this cute heart shape dish.

And salad too

What happen when you try to take a shot with two scrapbookers each messing with their camera!

First try - no one at home

Second try - just Anna
Third and final try - woo hoo, a full house!!

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