Monday, 10 May 2010

Balboa on the Promenade

So I'm back from a weekend of dancing in the south of France.  Although lots of flights were cancelled I'm never lucky enough to be on one of them and get an extra day or two off!
I don't think I've ever danced as much on a dancing weekend as I just have.  I haven't danced (apart from practising my footwork alone in the kitchen) since December, so I was most definitely raring to go.  We had to audition to make sure we we're in the correct class level and woo hoo I was given a band to stay in level 5 (there were only 6 levels - 6 being the highest).  I think this gave my confidence a boost and I just kept dancing - 10 hours of workshops and 4 nights of parties.  I also got to meet lots of fabulous people from all over the world, plus eat great french food - a totally fabulous weekend.

The weather was a bit mixed but when you're inside dancing it doesn't really matter.  We did venture out in the sunshine on Friday morning before class.  Here's Big Pete (my fabulous travelling and dancing companion) and Michaela, on the beach on the way into Cannes.

It's not often you see a poster about swing dancing but the evening entertainment was big news and well supported by the local community.

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PatR said...

Sounds like you had a ball matey. Perhaps you could do a dance exhibition at this years Craftaganza or maybe even do a dance workshop, yes that sounds good!!
Hugs, Pat xx

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