Monday, 24 May 2010

Supreme Seaham

I've had a fabulous day.  You'd think that a meeting with your boss wasn't something to look forward to.  I knew it would be hard work but that we'd get lots out of the day and have some great plans for the rest of the year.  I also got a great lunch - how's this for a salad:

To top it off, after the meeting we went to Seaham Hall to use the spa facilities.  It was my birthday present but this is the first time we've had time to book it.  What a fabulous evening, we used all the facilities:

The twenty-metre pool is at the heart of the thermal baths area. Ozone cleansed, it's like swimming in Evian water, and no smells or stinging eyes.
Water jets, massage stations and woodland views complete the picture along with two outdoor hot tubs and:

Steam Room
A steam room with a real difference. The walls are fashioned from black granite and the ceiling is dotted with fibre optic lights, which subtly change colour. The steam is gently scented with a choice of exotic aromas.

Sauna and Sanarium
A large, curved Sauna & Sanarium in Canadian redwood. The sauna is set at around 90°C and the sanarium at a cooler 60°C. Sit back, relax and watch the pool activity through the glass door. No hard edges, the seats and backrests are contoured to fit for additional comfort. Subtle lighting and a coffered ceiling complete the picture.

A Turkish steam room fashioned from limestone and incorporating two snail showers and a whirlpool bath. Stay for 15 to 20 minutes in the steam, watching the flickering fibre-optic lights over the whirlpool bath and then cool down.
Cool down or warm up in one of the aroma-infused snail showers. Sink into the whirlpool and watch the steam eddying in the half-light. Enjoy it on your own, with someone special or with a group of friends.

Hydrotherapy Bath
The Hydrotherapy Bath is a large heated spa bath with multiple massage stations using powerful water jets. Float on your back supported by bubbles or just move around the pool. Each station massages a different part of the body. Relaxing and refreshing!

Plunge Pools & Ice Fountain
An après sauna/sanarium/steam room experience. Plunge your hands into it and rub ice flakes over yourself. Then hurl yourself into one of our two adjacent Plunge Pools. Invigorating and then some!

After 3 hours enjoying the facilities we had dinner in the Ozone restaurant which was amazing.  The food was light but tasted fabulous.  Here's what I had:
Mini flat breads - sweet chili dipping sauce
Grilled goats cheese - parma ham - beetroot & chives
Asian mushroom lasagne - vegetable cream - truffle - thai basil
Pre-dessert - bubblegum surprise
Sticky toffee pudding - butterscotch sauce - vanilla ice cream (if you say it fast it has no calories in it!)  

So no crafting tonight, but it was definitely worth it.


PatR said...

Claire, call that a meeting, I'd call it a jolly!
Lokks a great place.
Pat xx

Lucy said...

Gewt it up!!! I'd like to go to meetings like that!!
L x

cats whiskers said...

OMG I want a meeting like that dear, its looks fantastic, now you have made me feel really hungry
I have just pinched your piccie for you know where
Have a lovely weekend dear
Jac xxxxxxx

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