Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Scumptious salad

What better way to spend a Wednesday evening than going for a walk, followed by a scrumptious Nicoise salad and then a night of TV - Holby City and American Idol.  I was really proud if my pretty salad and it tasted great too.  I know it's really sad but I do love Slimming World - a huge plate of food just makes me smile.  Even better I had a meringue nest filled with fruit and 0% Greek yogurt later on for dessert - yummy.

As I'm lucky enough to have a TV in my craft room/office I got to craft whilst I watched TV.  Just one little card as I spent most of the night trying to sort out the broadband - grrr!!
Any way back to happy things and this little card was inspired by lovely food and of course it's scrumptious.  It's little Popcorn the Bear snaffling some strawberries.

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PatR said...

That salad looks yummy Claire and I love the cute Popcorn with my favourite strawberries xx

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