Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bank Holiday BBQ

I love Bank Holiday weekends.  It's a great for me to get together with my family.  So after working on Saturday I headed up to my sister's in North Wales.  Between her and her boyfriend Ian they'd got a great walk planned for Sunday.  We walked to Dyserth and then up the waterfall and all over the local hills before walking back - about an 11 mile walk.

We found a playground!

The Waterfall

On top of the hill - although the sun was out it was a bit blowy - I nearly got blown over!

Look if you find an unmanned dumper truck you have to climb on it and have your photograph taken!!

After we headed home it was then time for BBQ-fest.  We grazed for hours and had venison burgers, chicken, sweet potato wedges, special sausages from Ludlow and best of all homemade Ross-Ste burgers (named after the boys that made them!) - totally delicious.
So no card making today but lots of laughs.

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