Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A day of randomness!

Today has been bonkers even on a Ginger scale! I started the day off by attending a speed awareness course, well it was better the 3 points on my licence. It meant I had to go to the Aston Hotel, so it was lovely to see Tracey & Susan, even though they laughed at me. The course was quite bearable and not as condescending as expected, thank Rex and Doug, you were quite amusing course tutors and I definitely picked the best table to sit at, all quite sensible people.


As I was on my way home I had a phone call from one of my dancing friends (when i say friend it was someone who was in my class at summer camp last week - making dancing friends works that way) from Germany who's in the UK for a few days. How weird that I was actually off work, normally you have to get an appointment in my diary at least 3 weeks in advance! Anyway I headed down to Wetherby services, which was teaming with kids off to Leeds festival, they looked great in their funky Wellies. So we had coffee (yes I had a latte but a skinny one and I've only eaten fruit and veg for the rest of the day) before heading for an impromptu trip to York. We wandered around the old cobbled streets and of course saw the Minster. It was over all too soon and time to head back to Durham for my train to Edinburgh.


I hadn't left quite enough time to get back, especially with York races being on, but ignoring most of what I'd learned at speed awareness in the morning I made it to Durham with a little time to spare, especially as the lovely Alison brought me to the station as I was leaving my car at their house. Thank you, you really are the nicest people xx


On arrival at the station the train is delayed indefinitely. I guess a girl can only have so much good luck in one day. That's not actually true as sitting on the station platform has been quite lovely. I'd forgotten my headphones but the chap (later introduced as Andy, off to see his wife and kids in Edinburgh) next to me has lent me his, so I've had tunes to keep me amused. I'm still currently addicted to Ren Harvieu. Also the station master has been fab keeping me up to date with the train situation and giving me the form to claim back the train fare due to the delay. He also made sure I could get on the first train going up to Edinburgh. Thank you lovely man.


I am starting to wonder if I have a damsel in distress sign over my head, or if lost please help badge on! But I guess being nice to people reaps it's rewards, and I did help a girl on the train who was worried about which seat to sit in.

Then of course the loveliest Jaffnetta Noo Noo Fondley was waiting for me at the other end. Thank you pixie, you're a star.

So within my day of randomness I've learned that you need to take every adventure that comes your way and that people really can be so very nice. Thank you all the randomness for making this a day to remember and hopefully the start of a wonderful weekend.


Love ya




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