Friday, 17 August 2012

Last day

I can't quite believe how quickly this week has gone and I'm already on my last day of classes and just one last dance party tonight. It really is like being in balboa heaven with so many great dancers. It's weird to think that tomorrow we all float away back to our own little worlds and smaller balboa scenes. But in the meantime I'm enjoying every last minute of summer camp. There was jousting with French sticks during lunch which of course escalated into a water fight.b I got totally drenched (thanks Trent) but it was so hot it was lovely and I even dried out before afternoon class.

I loved Mickey & Kelly's class on lollies, lots more footwork for me to get practising.

As it's the last night it's time to get dressed up in our poshest but danceable frocks, everyone looked totally fabulous.

Richard, Janet and Chris

Miss Jean, Julie, Jo, Mel & Me.
Looking good

Pretty ladies

Julie and me

We couldn't leave the lovely Kate out. I think this could be my favourite photo from camp.

The fact that we were all dressed up did not stop the high jinx and there was a little singing competition that ended up with all 8 of us from our table stood on benches! Dinner was a rather marvellous affair with awards, we won one for our Alice costumes and it appears I will forever be known as Alice in certain circles.n Then there was a film show and cake and burning Armagnac. Too much fun before we even went dancing.

As with every night this week the dancing was amazing, but what would you expect from people who spend a whole week learning and practising their balboa. I'm going to miss this soooooooo much.

Love ya



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