Sunday, 19 August 2012

Paris - yes really!

The aim of today was to get as close to Calais as possible, so we set off from Argenton Sur Cruese and continued to head north. As we were making such good time I laughingly joked about lunch in Paris. Not such a joke seeing as I was driving and went for it. So Les and I spent the afternoon doing a whistle-stop tour of Paris. We abandoned the car at an underground car park (i love French car parks) at the Hotel d'Ville and within minutes we'd passed the Paris beach and were stood in front of the Notre Dame cathedral.

A quick but lovely lunch of goats cheese salad and then it was off to do some more exploring. So in just a couple of hours, mostly walking you can see:

Le Louvre

L'Arc de Triomphe (really it's in the distance!)

One of my self portraits

The Eiffel Tower

Although my favourite could be the bridge with all the locks on it. Now I want to go back and put my own lock on it, maybe even one day with a special someone - we'll it might happen!

A very pleasant and unexpected afternoon and then onto Boulogne-Sur-Mer where again my pigeon French served us well and a bed was acquired for the night. Slightly worrying was the fun fair opposite the hotel but they told us the music stopped at 10.30 so we took the room. Actually it was great.

Les is amazed at my knack of finding hotels in pretty towns and even more so with the fact that I have a pretty good nose for finding great restaurants. Tonight was no exception and after a walk around the old town walls it was time for fish soup(I love all the gibbons it comes with), although I did steal 2 of Les' oysters (omg - they were delicious), mussels in cream sauce and a pretty cake all washed down with a Demi carafe of rose wine. France I will miss you and your delectable cuisine but my waistline will be happy to get home and back on plan!

All in all a fabulous day full of adventure.

Love ya



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julie_woolston said...

Wow stunning pictures Claire, what an experience that will always stay with you.

Hugs Julie x

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