Thursday, 16 August 2012

A flocking good time

I'm so proud that I managed to do all my classes today. Yep that's another 4 hours of lessons done and dusted, which then had to be rewarded with a glass of Floc. Now i'd been a good girl until then and managed to stay away from it, but gosh it's good and of course I had to try the white and the red to see which I liked best. It was great just to sit and chat and relax.

Also as it's not only the 10th anniversary of Studio Hop Summer Camp, but 20 years since Anne-Helene & Bernard got married, they renewed their vows, which was a complete surprise for Anne-Helene! Etta and Lara got to be flower girls, they were so excited and looked so cute in their matching dresses.

So then it was a dash back to the chalet as we were breaking out of camp again tonight and going out for dinner. Janet, Miss Jean, Chris, Richard and I headed back to Montreal to a restaurant we'd spotted the other evening and it couldn't have been a better choice. Madame made us feel so welcome and they shuffled tables around to squeeze us in. I started with a kir but a blackberry one and had foie gras ravioli that had the most amazing sauce, so full of cream you could feel your arteries hardening but far too good to leave a single drop in the bowl. The entercot with copes was equally as good and I finished off with a local dessert of croustade du pomme, a crunchy little apple tart with rum & raisin ice cream. Totally delicious and well worth the dress size I've probably gained! So back to the chalet to get ready to go to the dance and work off some of those calories.

It's totally amazing that every evening has been jam packed with fabulous dances and I've been very lucky to get asked to dance a lot. My poor little feet don't know what's happened to them. Generally at home I live in trainers most days, so I come away for a holiday and wear heels for class and then for the dances. No wonder my feet are aching.

I am past working out what time I'm going to bed. On the grounds that we didn't get to the dance until midnight it's best not to think about it, especially as I have class at 10am tomorrow morning and I couldn't miss my last class with Bobbi & Kate.

Love ya



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