Friday, 10 August 2012


I always think a holiday feels a little more real as you step onto a plane or in this case a ferry. I thought I'd try and be at least a little bit healthy and do my own mini fruit club. We do fruit club at work every day!

We've had a great drive through France today and lady (my sat nav) even took us on a couple of mini adventures. You can tell it's still early in my holiday as my healthy eating is still prevailing! Salad and slimming world tuna & sweetcorn quiche for lunch and the only snacks in the car have been homemade jelly sweets and mandarins. Ginger polishes her halo just before it slips so much that she can hula hoop with it!

We've made the decision to go via Bordeaux on the way, well it wold be rude not to really. Ok scratch that we made a detour to La Rochelle instead. It's just as beautiful as I remember from my last visit over 20 years ago. We had dinner over looking the old port and my salad of red mullet, scallops and grapefruit was tremendous. Ah, holidays make me happy.

I've even found somewhere i want to eat next time i visit. This little boat smelt devine and served grilled sardines and mussels cooked in a foil bag, just too cute.

Especially for my suster Joanna, I've checked and Michael Monkey is definitely dead!

As there was no room at the inn, or any inn in La Rochelle we had dinner there but then drove to Cognac. Not a bad start to my French adventure.

Love ya




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julie_woolston said...

Oh wow gorgeous pics, and that salad looks yummy.

Hugs Julie x

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