Sunday, 12 August 2012

Audition Day

Before classes start we have to audition to make sure we're in the right class level. It's not quite as daunting as it sounds as everyone trying for that level dances together, it's still pretty daunting though and you get to dance with 4 different leads. I'd signed up for level 3 and we had to wait until after lunch to wait for the class lists to be posted.

The lovely Miss Jean, Julie & Richard

Julie looking very adoringly at me. So many giggles and it's only Sunday!

I later found out that I'd been moved up to level 4, so one happy little dancer here. Then it was time for our first classes. A mere 3 hours this afternoon with some great teachers. I think I could be told every half an hour to dance with my feet directly under my hips and I'd still need reminding more often. My fellow classmates are lovely, I've met some of them before but there's lots of new people for me to get to know.

So after great classes it was time for dinner. When we went back to the chalet Mel popped the TV on which meant we got completely sucked into the closing ceremony of the Olympics, which in turn meant we didn't go out to the dance until 1am! It was still worth going though as I had some fabulous dances. I made it to 3am before my bed called.

So far I'm loving Summer Camp.

Love ya




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julie_woolston said...

Fabulous piccies, it looks lovely.

Hugs Julie x

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