Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Jack and Jill

I started the day with fruit & yogurt. Fruit club has gone international!

Then onto 5 hours of classes, which was made tougher due to the heat. But with such great teachers you just don't want to miss a class. We did have a break for lunch which I got to share with Phil & Sue, Hans & Dorrie and Steve & Julia. This place has such a great atmosphere, it's amazing to be here.

I'm not sure teaching Kate Hedin the Paddington Bear Stare was a good idea though. You'd never guess though with her having a girlie dinner with the lovely Susana

Another mad idea for today was to enter the Jack & Jill competition. It's where you have to dance with various different leads, some you may have never danced with before, or in my case, all of them! It was great fun and Miss Jean said I looked neat & tidy, so I'm pleased I had a go. Everyone in our chalet entered and there were four winners, Jo got third, Julie and Chris got second each and Mel took top spot. Congratulations guys, you were amazing.

I must have really relaxed after the competition and enjoyed my dancing as we didn't leave until 4:30 (I think!). Then when we got back Jean and I were having a snifter of port before bed when Mel & Jo came home. Thus putting the world to rights and more port made a very late night/morning. It's a good job there's no classes tomorrow.

Love ya



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