Tuesday, 28 August 2012

More Festival Fun

After a relaxing morning starting with French toast, Jen and I headed off into Edinburgh with no real plan other than getting Jen another pair of jeans and finding fun wherever we could.

So we walked up the Royal Mile where we saw a great street performer, he was only a bairn with the skinniest legs but pretty talented and funny too.

I also got to touch Chris Hoy's golden post box

With it being the last official day of the festival there were still plenty of people out distributing flyers. Our favourite had to be the one with a moustache on.


We had lunch at Porto & Fi before moving down onto Princess Street and Primani! New coat for me and plenty of tops for Jen, even the owl one!!! Shopping done we headed over to Udderbelly. I've had a secret desire to visit an upside down cow.

Bribing the staff with sweets we got in to see Barry Morgan and is Amazing Organ (OK no bribing required for this one only 2 rows full). Jen and I have definitely found our level in comedy and we loved Barry and even took part in the show and got to play on his organ.


Our last show of the weekend was Ian Stirling, a funny young chap (not helped by the 2 women who left part way through the show and really didn't get it!) who apparently as a day job is on kids TV.

So all round it's been a fantabulous weekend and I'll be back for the festival again, well if Jen invites me. She's the best pixie friend a girl could have.

Love ya



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