Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tunnels & Home

Today is the last day of our road trip adventure and it started with our trip under the Channel on the Shuttle. It all went far too smoothly, you've just got to love the way they book you in and move you around to load you onto the train.

So once back in the UK I thought that would be the end of anything exciting to report but it appears that I was to have the Dartford tunnel to myself! Yes I'm serious. As I drove through the toll both they closed all the toll booths to move a broken down lorry at the mouth of the tunnel. Hence there was no traffic behind me in the tunnel, it looked so weird.

Les has been a wonderful travelling companion, we've had so many adventures and just laughed and smiled the whole way. He even thanked me with a bottle of my favourite pink champagne. Thank you Les it's been a blast.

I'm back to work tomorrow with a big meeting with my boss, but I know the memories of this holiday will live in my memories and in my heart forever. Thank you to everyone that has shared this holiday with me - big hugs.

Love ya



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julie_woolston said...

Hi Claire it's quite sad it's all over, just hold on to those memories.

Hugs Julie x

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