Saturday, 18 August 2012

Big hugs all round

So camp is over and it was time to say our goodbyes. Some people I'll see next week, or in the coming months but others I may never see or dance with again. Many will become Facebook friends and will hopefully stay in touch. Now I'm looking forward to watching the camp DVD when I get home, But first another mini adventure to get home.

Les and I headed north with no other plan than to get as far as possible before I was too tired to drive. Les had partied so hard at camp he was tired before we set out today, so I had a snoozing passenger most of the way. We had a mini detour to Saint Emillion.

At the end of the day, we ended up in Argenton Sur Creuse, which is a really pretty town. I managed in my pigeon French to bag us a room at the Cheval Noir with two beds. See i did learn something other than how to read a menu when I failed O'level French (twice).

We ate at the hotel restaurant as it seemed the busiest place in the town and smelt great. It didn't disappoint and I had a little tower of crab, artichoke and tomatoes, followed by fish (yes it had a name but I can't remember what!) veggies and gratin dauphinoise with a pudding of peach melba. Totally delicious and completely naughty, but I'll be back on track as soon as I'm back in the UK, especially as I've got weigh in on Tuesday night.

Today's lessons include, trying not to look too surprised when a good looking French man knows your name, and totally unrelated, there is no point waiting for something that is very unlikely to happen.

Oh and especially for KT and Archi - Ren Harvieu is definitely worth a listen.

Love ya




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julie_woolston said...

Fabulous pictures Claire it sounds like you had a fantastic time.
The food looks really yummy.

Hugs Julie x

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