Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fantastic Fringe

Being in Edinburgh at this time of year means it's festival time. This means that the city is more bonkers than normal and that's without Miss Jaffers and I heading out into town! But before comedy it is time for fun and dancing. It just so happens that it was Balboa Brunch at the Meadows Hotel up here this morning, and Miss J kindly let me go out and play for a couple of hours. I stepped and twirled to my hearts content - thank you to all the lovely leads for a great time. Talking of lovely leads, Miss Jackie was there and joined Jen and I for lunch at Reverie afterwards. Yum, rather delicious Scottish mussels.

Jen and I then hit the shops and somehow I came home with 3 new dresses. The rather good news is that I'm almost set for my Titanic themed fancy dress that I need for the end of September.

A quick turn around and it was time to go out to see Rhod Gilbert - yes Welshmen can be funny, very funny. Shopping for potatoes will make me giggle for a long time.

After that we headed to the Three Sisters which becomes the Free Sisters during festival time. We stumbled across the show Bogon Bingo and loved every minute of it, even if we didn't get to win a prize and suffer the appropriate humiliation! Fab soundtrack, great dance moves and genuinely funny.


The adventure home on the bus was slightly more scary but only due to a few drunk locals.

Another good day.

Love ya



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